Delyn Cole
Delyn Cole

About Me

National Chi Alpha Director of Coaching and Support Raising Training
Delyn Cole
Chi Alpha Missionary Serving over 1,444 missionaries on 304 campuses
I'm Delyn Cole—U.S. Missionary serving with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. My goal is to help our Chi Alpha missionaries become the most effective they can be in order to see a spiritual awakening on every college and university in the nation.

I do this by:
1) Training—provide training opportunities for missionaries to learn new skills in large group, small group, one on one settings, and fundraising,
2) Developing—provide learning communities to discuss implementation of new skills and ideas
3) Coaching—partnering with ministry teams and missionaries in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and ministry potential.

More about me

When a leader gets better,
everyone gets better.
My story
During my younger years I ran a lot. I wanted to win every race I entered. I learned quickly what it meant to work hard and persevere. I also actively participated in the life of my local church, often times memorizing dozens of scriptures in order to win Sunday School contests. Seems I have always had a heart for improving.

Then ministry began
In 1991, my husband, Curtis and I moved to Dillon Montana to pioneer Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the University of Montana - Western. For eighteen years, I actively invested in the lives of Western's students, staff, and faculty, always desiring for them to grow in their faith, godliness and life. As time went on I found other missionaries in my state to come along side in order to help them be effective in their ministry.

From campus missionary to national staff
Today, I serve as the National Director of Coaching and Support Raising Training. My years of experience in Chi Alpha uniquely equipped me to be able to train, develop, support and coach over 1400 missionaries. I have the privilege to take the experiences God has given me as well as the tools he has placed in my hand to equip leaders that in turn equip leaders. There is nothing else I would rather do than to participate in God's global plan for a spiritual awakening amongst college students.

Beyond Ministry
"Win The Day". It's the motto of my alma mater football college team, the Oregon Ducks. How do I, "win the day?" By going on a long walk with a friend, playing board games with family, enjoying a good cup of coffee with a co-worker, dinner with international students, watching my beloved Ducks athletic teams, reading and small group gatherings.

Above everything else I love being with my husband and two adult boys, Christopher and Nicholas.
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