Delyn Cole Quarterly Newsletters

1st Quarter

Four years ago we wrote you about Delyn’s appointment as Chi Alpha’s National Assessment and Coaching Specialist. Since then, God has significantly blessed her ministry. 

She has worked with 74 different missionaries assisting them as they ascertained their calling, raised 105% of their missionary budget, and strived to develop both their ministry and personal life skills. Through this work not only has Delyn impacted the individual missionary, but she also helped advance Chi Alpha’s presence on 74 local campuses, 34 of which did not have a campus ministry four years ago. 

During this time Delyn also garnered the respect and appreciation of her leadership and co-workers. Here are a few comments from her peers,

 “I’ve greatly appreciated working with Delyn. Her leadership and insight with support raising training and coaching has been a tremendous blessing!” 

“Delyn brings a unique balance of creativity, an analytic mind and a deep concern for people that makes her perfectly suited for this critical role of coaching within Chi Alpha which will add to the expansion of God’s Kingdom on universities and colleges across America. I’m blessed to be working on her team!” 

“Delyn is the outstanding kind of leader who is both deep and wide—she is profoundly wise and inspiringly devoted to Christ (the deep) and has a significant voice and influence among our missionaries across XA Nation (the wide). I am incredibly honored to work with her!” 

Recently, Chi Alpha’s Executive Leadership Team offered Delyn an expanded ministry role as the Director of Coaching and Support Raising Training and she accepted. Now instead of simply resourcing missionaries she will direct all the elements of missionary coaching and support raising training. She will develop the entire program. She’ll oversee curriculum expansion, as well as, the recruitment, training and resourcing of new coaches and trainers. 

This is an exciting and humbling opportunity; a role that Jesus has uniquely prepared Delyn to embrace. Many of you have stood with us for 30+ years of campus ministry and so much of what we’ve accomplished would never have materialized with out your partnership. As we look to the future, we are asking for your love, support and prayer in this new season of Delyn’s life and calling. 

With Grateful Hearts, 
Delyn & Curtis